Biltmore Swim and Racquet Club Recreation Association is a community of 285 single family homes. We are a family-oriented neighborhood with amenities including a private cabana, private pool, and private tennis courts, for the exclusive use of our homeowners.

Every lot owner is automatically a member of the Biltmore Swim & Racquet Club Recreation Association.

Every patio lot owner is automatically a member of the Biltmore Patio Association in addition to the Biltmore Swim & Racquet Club Recreation Association.


Recreation Association dues are $360.00 annually.  Dues are required and payable in two payments of $180.00 due in June and December.

Patio homeowners have additional services and amenities and are required to pay Patio Association dues in addition to the Recreation dues.  See the Biltmore Patio Association website for more information.


Can I reserve the pool, cabana, or tennis courts for a private party?
–Unfortunately these cannot be reserved for private use.

How do I obtain a key?
–Please contact us with your request for a key.

What do I do if I see a wild animal?
–Visit the Pets page to report.

No Trailer Parking on Streets

Trailers of any kind (boat, RV, etc.. may not be stored or parked on residential streets in Biltmore per City of Plano Ordinance. You must have a paved or gravel surface OFF the residential street in the back.

Reseller Certificate

Contact Us to request a Reseller Certificate.

Map of Biltmore

Shaded areas indicate patio homes.
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Biltmore Patio Association

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